Pantepic - Why Messenger App Users Like Sending Stickers – And Why They Can Generate Huge Revenues

By now, everyone who uses a messenger app is likely to have sent and/or received a message containing a sticker or emoji. Not only that, the use of stickers appears to be continuing to grow.

In fact, 6 billion stickers and emojis are sent every day on various messenger apps around the globe. On Facebook Messenger alone, around 380 million stickers are sent a day.

Therefore, the popularity of stickers is clear.

Why Do Users Like Sending Stickers?

The popularity of stickers begs the question – why are they so popular? After all, they are sent by young and old and for a variety of purposes. In fact, sometimes users send them for no other reason except to send a sticker.

There are multiple reasons why messenger app users like sending stickers. This includes:

  • A desire for personal expression – by adding stickers to messages, users can add character and color to the message in addition to their own personality. Stickers let users express themselves.
  • Provides clarity – stickers also help users make the content of their messages clear. One common example is adding a laughing or joke-related sticker to a message to ensure the recipient understands they shouldn’t take the content of the message seriously.
  • For brevity – you can say something with a sticker that would require multiple words if you typed it instead.
  • To improve message quality – messenger app users also send stickers when they are unable to properly express their feelings in words. A sticker makes this much easier.
  • They are fun – of course, you should not discount the simple pleasure that people get sending and receiving stickers.

Stickers Are Big Business

All the above points are great for users, but what are the business reasons for adding sticker functionality to a messenger app? The most obvious is that stickers make the app more appealing to users, so help to grow the user base of the messenger app.

This only scratches the surface of the potential of stickers in messenger apps, though. The messenger app LINE is a good example of just how important stickers can be to the business that owns the app.

LINE is a messenger app that has its headquarters in Japan. It has 600 million registered users, making it one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Around 217 million of those users are active each month, with the app being most popular in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia.

In 2017, LINE had revenues of over $1.5 billion dollars. A large proportion of that revenue came from stickers. LINE monetizes stickers through sales of stickers (both its own stickers and stickers created by third-parties) and from sponsored stickers. Sponsored stickers are one of Line’s advertising products

Line users send around 2.4 billion stickers a day.

In other words, stickers are not just for personal expression and fun. With the right strategy, they can be big business too.