Pantepic - Pantepic Feature of the Week – SOS Feature

Emergencies happen – it is a fact of life. They can be anything from feeling uncomfortable when walking home late in evening to getting caught in a natural disaster to being involved in an accident or another dangerous incident. Whenever you are in these situations, your first action should always be to contact the emergency services.

However, it can also be helpful to contact people you trust, including your loved ones. After all, the more people who know where you are, particularly those you know you can depend on, the quicker you will get back to safety.

Situations like the above are stressful and often time-pressured, though, which makes contacting people difficult. That’s why we added an SOS feature to Pantepic.

Distress Signal

People and organizations around the world recognize SOS as being a distress signal. In other words, you use it whenever you need help.

The SOS feature in Pantepic is part of our map and location sharing tools. To set it up, you simply select a list of emergency contacts in Pantepic. This could be close friends, your partner, your parents, or anyone else you trust.

Then, whenever you feel the need to let your emergency contacts know your location, you tap the SOS button in Pantepic. Your Pantepic app will immediately send your exact location using the in-built map tool.

Using the SOS Feature

Of course, the Pantepic SOS feature is not meant to replace contacting the emergency services. If you are in danger or need emergency assistance, the best advice is to contact the relevant emergency service directly.

That said, you can use the SOS feature in Pantepic to quickly alert personal emergency contacts of your location. This is a suitable course of action in a number of situations, plus it can give you added peace of mind that people you trust know where you are.

As with all other Pantepic features, the SOS feature is completely free to use. Unfortunately, it won’t make the world a safer place, but it can give you an added layer of help and/or comfort.