Pantepic - Pantepic Feature of the Week – Self-Destructing Messages

You know those times when you want to send a message but don’t want the message to exist forever on the recipient’s phone? The Self-Destructing Messages feature of Pantepic is the solution.

When you send a standard message, it remains on your recipient’s phone until they decide to delete it. The Self-Destructing Messages feature, however, gives you greater control over the information you send.

Instead of it remaining on your recipient’s device, it disappears after they read it. In addition, once it disappears, it disappears completely, with no record of the message anywhere.

In other words, send, read, then… poof, it’s gone.

Benefits of Self-Destructing Messages

You can use the Self-Destructing Messages feature in a range of situations, plus it offers several benefits:

  • Helps keep the message history of your friends’ and family’s devices tidy
  • When your contacts send self-destructing messages to you, those messages don’t clog up your conversation history
  • Ideal when sending private or sensitive information where you don’t want a permanent record to remain
  • Improves privacy and security, particularly in relation to situations where one of your contacts loses their phone or has it stolen

The Self-Destructing Messages feature in Pantepic isn’t quite as dramatic as Mission Impossible’s Ethan Hunt (aka Tom Cruise) being told “this message will self-destruct in five seconds” before he watches the device being blown up.

It is ideal for modern life and modern communications, however, whether that is for pleasure with friends, for organizational purposes with family, or for business purposes with colleagues.

How It Works

It couldn’t be easier to send a self-destructing message using Pantepic. Simply tap the + icon on the app’s main screen to begin a new message. Then, select the Destruct option.

You can choose to send a self-destructing message to one or multiple contacts. You can even send images, photos, and files which also disappear forever once the message self-destructs.

As with all Pantepic’s great features, you have access to the Self-Destructing Messages feature for free. Give it a go today.