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What do you do when you know you need to send a message to someone, but now is not the right time?

Maybe you don’t want to forget to wish someone a happy birthday, or you want to remind a friend about something, but this isn’t the right time to send it to them. Maybe you need to send a message to your boss but don’t want to send it late at night, or you need to send a message but know you won’t be available to do it at the time you want to send it.

The Scheduled Messaging feature in Pantepic is the perfect solution.

How Scheduled Messages Work

You simply type the message now, add any images, media, or files you need, and then set the date and time you want the message to send. Pantepic does the rest automatically, so you can tap and forget happy in the knowledge your message will send when you need it to.

Plus, if you change your mind before the date and time you scheduled the message to send, you can delete it, edit the message, send it to different recipients, or edit when it should send. In other words, you are in complete control.

To send a scheduled message, simply tap the + icon on the main screen of Pantepic and select schedule.

Send When You Want to Send

You have two main options when sending a scheduled message:

  • Send a one-off message to one person or to a group.
  • Send a recurring message. You set the frequency as well as when you want the message to send, whether that is daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can send recurring messages to one person or to a group.

So, you can forget about using notes on scraps of paper or reminders on your phone to prompt you to send a message when the time is right. Instead, set it up now and let Pantepic do the rest.