Pantepic - PANTEPIC: Combining Mobile Messaging with Geographical Information Systems


Rip Bull Networks Inc., a startup based out of San Francisco, CA today announced the official launch of PANTEPIC, a mobile messaging service featuring geographic media sharing and communications.

At first glance, the app appears to be like any standard messenger equipped with the basics to support both individuals and group communications on smartphones.

Albeit, in recent years, free international texting, video chat, or self-destructing messages are considered basic features in chat apps.  However, features such as the ability to schedule messages to be sent later or share one’s status directly from a map interface are two features that clearly differentiate this product. High definition audio and video calls are also included in this launch.

When it comes to the competition, Pantepic team considers themselves a distant rival to SnapChat’s new investment, Zenly, which the mobile messaging giant acquired in June 2017 ;  although one key difference is that Zenly seems to want to attract a younger generation as one could observe with its colorful and cartoonish theme. Pantepic, however aims to deliver a more universal experience for all ages by creating a native experience with key features older generations may not need to relearn.

The next big roadmap item is to integrate a private wallet for the community of Pantepic users set to arrive Spring 2018. Although, it is unclear how the map based media interactions will benefit from a blockchain driven approach, the team at Rip Bull Networks are analyzing several possibilities of a future ecosystem to thrive and are excited about the possibilities.

“It’s exciting to think about how we’re moving into this new era of decentralized databases and public ledgers based upon trusted ecosystems. How it will reshape our thinking is yet to be determined but we will be ready,” said Brandon Gutierrez, CEO and founder of Rip Bull Networks Inc.; the engineers and system architects behind Pantepic.

“First and foremost, we view Pantepic as a mobile messenger service with a diverse set of features embedded into the app.  What happens next is motivated by our desire to be one of the leading innovators of communication applications powered by blockchain technology.”

While the overall strategy has some issues, it provides a step forward in a global economy that already saw blockchain applications such as Bitcoin, go on serious ground-breaking market runs throughout 2017.

Technologists alongside the finance industry have recently witnessed the world’s reaction to this.  Now, engineer teams and developers such as Rip Bull Networks are moving to disrupt the app marketplace in multiple ways by leveraging the security and transparency the technology brings. With a cryptocurrency wallet in development for Pantepic, the app is already moving quickly in a fast-changing tech landscape.

The blockchain is fast becoming mainstream: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced his personal interest in cryptocurrency and the blockchain just weeks ago, and apps like Pantepic are blazing an exciting new trail toward web 3.0 – and inviting the world to join a more connected, more secure, and more transparent mobile messenger.

Rip Bull Networks Inc’s. CFO, Ryan Volk, confirmed that the messenger service had already raised $1,060,000 in seed funding since Winter 2014 from four private Bay Area investors. Volk also announced that Pantepic was seeking a further $450,000 in series A fundraising, a bridge loan, or another offer to further develop the platform and acquire the talent needed to maintain and innovate further.

Pantepic’s cutting-edge mobile messenger is currently available in thirty-six languages on the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores, with a web app scheduled for release in Summer 2018. For more information about Pantepic and the company’s philosophy, please visit For media inquiries, please contact Brandon Gutierrez at 415-527-7318 or email him at

About Pantepic

Pantepic is an advanced smartphone messenger app for iOS and Android, offering easy and effective ways to stay in touch with family and friends across the world by combining interactive media and maps.  For more information about Pantepic, please visit the company’s website.

About Rip Bull Networks

Established in 2015, Rip Bull Networks aims to create seamless global communications through more intelligent personal and business communication applications and platforms running on its proprietary mobile network. More information about Rip Bull Networks can be found at the company’s website.

About Rip Bull Networks Inc.

Pantepic is an advanced smartphone messenger app for iOS and Android, offering easy and effective ways to stay in touch with family and friends across the world by combining interactive media and maps.

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