At Pantepic, we are determined to make our app the most feature-packed, fun, and useful messenger tool available. That’s why we continue to add new features while also enhancing the functionality of existing features. In that spirit, we’ve got two great new features to tell you about today: Stickers and Emojis Epic Rewards You can […]

We are in the era of employee experience. Unless you provide your workers with a positive employee experience, you will struggle to make significant productivity gains. How is this connected to the environment we all work in, though? Employee experience means moving away from a narrow focus on improving company culture and worker engagement. By […]

Crucial Elements of a Well-Rounded Messenger App There are lots of messenger apps available and, as you might expect, they are not all the same. Some are good, some are not, while some have potential they are not quite living up to. What makes a well-rounded messenger app, though? Here are nine elements you will […]

A new cutting edge messaging app has now launched on iOS and Android. Pantepic is an innovative and feature packed app from communication technology specialists, Rip Bull Networks Inc.

By now, everyone who uses a messenger app is likely to have sent and/or received a message containing a sticker or emoji. Not only that, the use of stickers appears to be continuing to grow. In fact, 6 billion stickers and emojis are sent every day on various messenger apps around the globe. On Facebook Messenger […]

Rip Bull Networks Inc., a startup based out of San Francisco, CA today announced the official launch of PANTEPIC, a mobile messaging service featuring geographic media sharing and communications.

At first glance, the app appears to be like any standard messenger equipped with the basics to support both individuals and group communications on smartphones.

Emergencies happen – it is a fact of life. They can be anything from feeling uncomfortable when walking home late in evening to getting caught in a natural disaster to being involved in an accident or another dangerous incident. Whenever you are in these situations, your first action should always be to contact the emergency […]

You know those times when you want to send a message but don’t want the message to exist forever on the recipient’s phone? The Self-Destructing Messages feature of Pantepic is the solution. When you send a standard message, it remains on your recipient’s phone until they decide to delete it. The Self-Destructing Messages feature, however, […]

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What do you do when you know you need to send a message to someone, but now is not the right time? Maybe you don’t want to forget to wish someone a happy birthday, or you want to remind a friend about something, but this isn’t the right time to send it to them. Maybe […]

The Importance of Private Messaging Part 2 On our journey through the evolution of encryption technology, we’ve covered advancements from ancient civilisations all the way to the development of the Data Encryption Standard during the 1970’s. This week’s blog post is a continuation of that journey, and will take us through the 1980’s, 1990’s, and […]