What Is Pantepic?

Pantepic lets you message, call, and check the status of your smartphone contacts without the distractions and noise of social media.

It connects you the way a messenger app should, while also being secure and easy to use.

Pantepic is packed full of useful tools such as a message scheduling feature, strong privacy options, and self-destructing messages when you want to chat with added privacy. There is also a map integration that lets you interact with your contacts based on their location.

You won’t find filters, though, because we believe in bringing people together not separating them by their differences (#nofilter). You won’t find newsfeeds, mind-numbing viral videos, or other distractions either.

Instead, Pantepic helps you communicate, stay connected, and stay safe without the need for an expensive SMS and calling plan. With Pantepic, you can continue the dialogue, send the message, and then get on with the things that are truly important in life.

A Unique Way of Thinking

At Pantepic, communities are important to us – the groups of people we know and interact with in the various areas of our lives. This is why our logo looks a bit like an ice cream, as ice cream reminds us of communities. So, the central focus of Pantepic is to provide features that help you communicate with the people you know, while stripping out anything that causes a distraction.

For us, developing a mobile messenger app in the social media space also brings great responsibility. Others have chosen to use that responsibility by adding newsfeeds, filters, and other distractions that often have a real and less-than-positive impact on users.

At Pantepic, our priority is communication and communication only.

So, all the features you find in Pantepic are focused on you and helping you communicate. It’s not just messaging either, as the features include audio calling, video calling, map-based messaging, self-destructing messages, and more. There is something for all age groups, and distance is no barrier.

We haven’t stopped developing either, so will continue to rapidly enhance Pantepic with new features. This includes the ability to interact with emojis, stickers, and gifs on our maps along with additional safety features. An example of the latter is an SOS feature that gives you the ability to quickly let family and friends know you are safe in times of uncertainty or crisis.

We are fully committed to serving your best interests now and in the future with Pantepic’s intelligent and engaging communication tools.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

Brandon Gutierrez and Ryan Volk met at St. Mary’s College, California in 2002. Together, they’ve created Pantepic with the help of an incredibly motivated and passionate team spread throughout the world.

Brandon spent the majority of his early professional career working in the telecommunications industry. Ryan led a successful career in accounting, mergers, and acquisitions, while also being an invaluable advisor and consultant to various businesses.

Together they form the executive team at Rip Bull Networks Inc., a company that specializes in communication applications. This includes apps for consumers as well as a product strictly for internal business communications that features digital objects and virtual office layouts within the messaging workspace.

Rip Bull Networks Inc. consists of engineers, developers, designers, project managers, testers, and server administrators located throughout India, the United States, and Europe.

Rip Bull Networks Inc. is located in San Francisco, California and has a satellite office in San Luis Obispo, CA.

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Our Mission and Culture

Our Mission and Culture

We passionately work every day to make Pantepic as good as it can be. That means making the features you will already be familiar with as slick, effective, and user-friendly as possible. It also means adding new features to the app you might not have seen before, but which will enhance the way you communicate.

When it all comes down to it, we’re communicators, helping you stay in touch with family, friends, business colleagues, and others.

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