Without Distraction


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Why Choose Pantepic?

We believe community interaction allows us to be more open minded human beings. Therefore we’ve built Pantepic to connect communities of friends and families.

Use Pantepic with anyone who’s in your contact list. Don’t expect to meet strangers or read news feeds. Enjoy Pantepic for what it is... A Messenger application not the standard for how we communicate and always support your local communities.

Self-Destructing Messages

First you see it, then poof…. they’re gone

Schedule Messages

Not ready to send your message straight away? Schedule it for whatever time you need.

Map-Based Messaging

Update your status on a map, share photos, and more, all based on your current location.

Group Chat

Create or join group

Audio & Video Messaging

Make calls to family and friends without worrying about long distance billing


All the bells and whistles a messenger tool could squeeze into one interface.