Keep your conversations going no matter where you are.
Keep your conversations going no matter where you are.

Audio & Video Messaging

Group Chat

Location Sharing

Map-Based Messaging

Schedule Messages

Self-Destructing Messages

Audio & Video Messaging

High Definition Audio and Video calls are quick ways to leave personal messages without engaging in full conversations.

Group Chat

Create or join group chats

Whether you’re interested in a fantasy football messaging tool, or simply a family connector, Pantepic is a great choice. It is also perfect for communicating with teams, employees, and other groups of people.

Effective Communication

Group messages keep everyone on the same page, quickly and to the point. It can also be fun too!


Enjoy all the features and tools our application provides to enable smart communications.

Location Sharing

Share your location with contacts

Describing your location to someone is often difficult, particularly if you are away from home, school, or your workplace. “Go up that street but if you reach the post box, you’ve gone too far” – you get the idea. With Pantepic, all you have to do is share your location.

Precise Information

The platform uses GPS and maps to identify where you are. This is then shared with your selected contact on a map, so they can easily find you.

SOS Feature

Tap the SOS button on the Pantepic app and your phone will instantly send your location to the emergency contacts you have listed, quickly and easily letting them know where you are.

Map-Based Messaging

Proximity Messaging
Share media, status updates, and locate contacts

Find that Emoji

While surfing through the Pantepic map, trying to search for emojis and stickers found on our map that may be applied to Pantepic status updates! Wait…Tired of using the same old stickers? Toss and Trade them with friends!

Status Updates

Use different types of media to share updates with your contacts all while using our maps to show them where you are at. Whether your checking in to see how a party looks or simply want to check the weather on top of the mountain before heading up, Pantepic map based status updates helps others navigate their next moves.

Schedule Messages

Schedule One Time or Reoccurring Messages
Organizational Communications

Do you have a great idea or important piece of information that you want to share with your boss, but don’t want to send her a message at 11 p.m. on Saturday evening? Do you need to send a message to a friend, but know now is not the right time? Our message scheduling feature is the solution.  Or are you like me, and always forget the important birthdays?

Reoccurring Messages

Sometimes its nice to give yourself a reminder occasionally… Also, the birthday thing.

One Time Scheduled Message

Organization is the key to success so why not use a tool that supports effective scheduling?

Self-Destructing Messages

Destructible Messages
Messages that disappear once read

There are times when you want to chat, but you don’t want the message to remain on the recipient’s phone. The Destructible Messages feature of Pantepic lets you do this with the added protection that only a pass-through messaging app like Pantepic can give.

Send, Read, and Forget

Messages sent with the Destructible Messages feature disappear once read, leaving absolutely no record of the message or its contents anywhere.

All the Features You Need

You can use the Destructible Messages feature with text messages as well as when sending photos, videos, and files. You can send to one or send to many.