The Driving Force Behind the Rise of Mobile Messaging Apps


The Driving Force Behind the Rise of Mobile Messaging Apps

The Driving Force Behind the Rise of Mobile Messaging Apps

Messaging apps are quickly becoming the new norm in our daily phone usage especially as they begin to replace a variety of different tools we used to rely on. Today’s messaging applications allow us to not only respond to people but actually direct the tone of the conversation or take interactions far behind a keyboard a screen. With instant location sharing, imaging, video, and other animated and automated sharing our conversations are now becoming so much more, all the while being controlled in our hand.

The great news is that these messaging apps can help replace calendars and schedulers combining these services with the ability to connect to others in one platform. A good app can transform your phone into a personal assistant who will fill your calendar or alert you when prospects or others have engaged with your messages. With this new world of possibilities, businesses are taking notice and jumping on the messaging app bandwagon.

People are responding well to this new form of interaction, making it almost a preference over email and other forms of communication. Messaging delivers the instantaneous satisfactions so many of us are used to, significantly reducing wait time and frustrations.

Often times messaging apps are run by bots who are able to have conversations with customers without requiring assistance from an actual person. These bots are powered through machine learning and quickly learn how to respond and interact with people through messaging.

App developers and businesses, seeing this shift in the conversational paradigm, have flooded the app stores with various messaging apps. For some businesses messaging apps are just a big marketing tool designed to gain as much information about you as possible and then sold to the highest bidder or spammed with emails related to your “interests”.

With a multitude of messaging apps and cause for concern about personal security, the problem then becomes- which app is safe to use?

Pantepic was designed to combat the growing problem of mining information through messaging. With Pantepic, communication is always secure and free no matter who you’re connecting with. Pantepic’s messaging app delivers everything you need for streamlined communication in one platform including video, secret messaging, group chat, photo sharing, location sharing, and so much more.

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