A Unique
Way of Thinking

At Pantepic, we take a unique approach. We are passionate about our app, so we talk about it a lot, and the responses we get are often similar. There are lots of messenger apps out there, including some really big ones, so what’s so unique about yours?

This is where we believe the conversation gets really cool.

You see, most messenger apps and tools on the market are not just messenger apps – at least, not to the corporations that own them, nor the customers using them. Instead, messenger apps are marketing tools which gather, store, and mine as much personal information about you as they can get away with and then sell it the highest bidder.

Yeah, we don’t like that much, either.

That’s why we built Pantepic, a messenger platform that is simply that – a messenger platform.

Who We Are

The Pantepic team come from various backgrounds in the telephone and communication industries, with extensive experience in giving individuals and business the tools to help them communicate effectively and at minimal cost.

Simply put, we are not marketers dressed up as communication professionals – we’re the real deal.

In our view, personal information is not a commodity to be collected and traded at will by multinational corporations. We believe that communication should be free, secure, and easy to connect with anyone in the world.

Our Mission
and Culture

The core philosophy of the Pantepic platform is to facilitate the passing through of messages without storing information, but our mission goes deeper than that. We are driven to give our users world-class communication and social features on a platform that constantly evolves to meet changing needs.

The team working to achieve this is enthusiastic and energetic. We don’t sit around in boardrooms plotting industry or world domination. Instead, we passionately work to make Pantepic as good as it can be.